Practice Areas

Serious Crimes

Our experienced solicitors are trained in negotiation, by some of the world’s leading experts in advocacy and negotiation, and in all our negotiations with the Prosecution are determined to get our clients the best results possible.

Road Traffic Law

We regularly act as defence lawyers for all drivers – business owners, employees and private motorists; providing a tailored, dedicated and comprehensive service to each client.

Expert Services

We regularly instruct leading experts in medical and scientific areas so that the best results can be achieved in each case and for each client

Drugs Offences

Our experience as defence lawyers dealing with drugs cases is vast. It ranges from representing well to do men and women who have made a mistake to professional drug importers on an international scale.

Domestic Violence

We are considerably experienced in defending domestic violence cases, and have had a great deal of success in this field.


High profile criminal defence trials, complex high court cases and those trials involving juries are of special concern to Charles Ferguson Solicitor Advocate. Our office works swiftly, diligently and fiercely to contest all our high court cases for our clients.

About Us

We are a specialist law firm dealing in court representation. We are dedicated to defending you, your family, your livelihood and your reputation from whatever charge or allegation. We represent clients where they are being prosecuted by the state or are denied their rights as parents and as such the majority of our clients are male. We have no gender bias and are delighted to represent clients who are in trouble or denied their rights as parents regardless of gender. We do not prosecute people. We do not represent parents who intend to deny another parent their rights. We do not deal with financial claims on divorce. We have chosen to specialise in a clearly defined field in order that we can provide the best representation in the field. We are here to defend and protect your interests completely and robustly from the outset of any matter. We do this by attending at Police Stations for any interviews, at whatever time of the day or night, we do this so that we can support and defend you, and we can then appear with you the next day at Court and beyond.

Our team’s considerable experience, skills and commitment to training mean that we can represent you at Courts of all levels; whether at Justice of the Peace Courts (formerly District Courts), Sheriff Courts, the Court of Session, the High Courts or the Appeal Courts. We are also highly skilled at resolving disputes and having cases or charges reduced or dropped completely against you due to our expert knowledge, skills, negotiation techniques and experience. On a daily basis, we successfully defend and represent clients at all Courts in the Lanarkshire and Glasgow region. We are also happy to, and regularly do, represent clients with criminal and civil cases in courts throughout Scotland.

Our history

1989 Company created

1995 Charles became Solicitor Advocate (youngest in Scotland)

2010 Recommended criminal law firm

2013 Jackson Bateman joins the legal team

2014 Criminal law firm finalist for 2014

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Ask Our Experts

Our Lawyers

Charles Ferguson Solicitor Advocate

Charles Ferguson

Director, Solicitor Advocate

Charles Ferguson, Solicitor Advocate, is our company director and head defence lawyer in our legal team.

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Jackson Bateman Solicitor

Jackson Bateman

Director, Defence Lawyer

Jackson maintains a strong interest, commitment and passion for Criminal Defence and Road Traffic law work.

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If the police or fiscals issue you with a ticket or warning letter, contact us immediately time limits can apply to challenges these tickets or warnings.

No - contact us today to discuss again we are very successful in having cases dropped due to technicalities that can only be raised and challenged at the start of the process, pleading not guilty can stop these challenged. Contact us today to discuss.

If you receive a citation it means you have been summoned to court contact us immediately so that we can discuss with you the next steps, don't ignore the citation. In road traffic cases it is important that you do not simply plead not guilty as we are very successful at having cases dropped due to technicalities at this stage.

An arranged attendance is a court date given to you by the PF if you failed to attend at court previously it is an alternative to them sending the police to arrest you.

If you have given a statement to the police about a criminal matter it is likely that you will be cited to attend court as a witness. If you are cited as a witness or wish to discuss your statement contact us for a free consultation.

If you find out that the police want to interview you contact us immediately on our 24/7 helpline, we are here to help, you are entitled to free legal representation before, during and immediately after the interview. You are entitled to answer "No Comment" to almost every question asked, we advise our clients to do this to preserve their position. If you are unable to speak to us prior to being detained ask for us at the police station and we will attend and represent you robustly.

Often people find out that the police have a search warrant to search their house after they come back to find their locks change and the house searched! The police after searching a house normally leave a calling card to discuss and to arrange an interview. Contact us and we will be able to arrange an interview time that suits you, if an interview is necessary and we will be able to find out information about the case.

What people say about us

Once again many thanks for your advice and guidance over the last few months.

We train advocates in a variety of disciplines in many countries around the world. Our courses are intense and challenging but well-regarded.

The fact that Charles Ferguson requested advocacy training for himself and his team speaks loudly. Charles is an immensely experienced and skilful courtroom lawyer yet he recognises that regular training will keep an advocate in top form.

In addition, Charles invests in his team. Fraser McKinnon and Jackson Bateman were very bright, on top of the facts and the law and quick to learn and practice new skills.

In the end, this can only be good news for Charles Ferguson’s clients.

Good Afternoon Jackson,

I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you for all your work and support throughout my case.

You were extremely professional with a calming manner about you at all times which helped me throughout. As advised I am in court on a regular basis because of work and must say I was extremely impressed with how you conducted yourself in the court room. I was extremely happy with the outcome of my case and thank you for this. If anything like my job you always hear about the negatives but never the positives and feel that you are a credit to Charles Ferguson and they are lucky to have you.

I wish you well with your future career. Thanks again.

Morning Jackson, I want to reiterate my sincere thanks and appreciation for your work and professionalism. I was expecting far worse yesterday, as a result I am more than happy with the outcome. Genuine thanks!

This case involved a professional person who was caught drink driving on the M74 motorway, at over 4 times the legal drink driving limit, Jackson secured an agreed narration, had the case brought forward and after making detailed submissions in court resulted in the client getting a got a small fine and a relatively short driving ban.

Jackson thank you for helping me & my kids get the correct result today. You were involved for 1 month and done more for me than my previous lawyer did in 16 months. I cannot put into words what you have done for my family. Thank you for everything. – 2 charges of Assault and Breach of the Peace. Both assault charges & 1 breach of peace charge dropped, plead to 1 breach of peace charge.

…just wanted to say thanks again for today you done a great job and am very confident that if I hadn’t made the choice to change over to you guys then the case would have ended a lot differently today. thanks again from me and my family its sincerely and greatly appreciated.

Unlike my previous lawyer, Charles sat down with me and went through every aspect of the evidence.  When I went to court I knew exactly what was going to happen.

Excellent work, I was absolutely delighted by the way the whole court case was conducted and presented.

Charles is one of the most honest, genuine people I have ever met. He communicated effortlessly with me and showed me he really cared.

Charles Ferguson kept me on the road despite 12 points on my driving licence.  My business is throughout the UK and I depend on my driving licence for work.  Highly recommended!

He is simply the best always give it 100% haven’t had any bad experience with him.

Charles Ferguson is the only lawyer to have represent you, knows his stuff and actually gets to know his clients!!

Got to say you are just the best lawyer proud of you for today.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the compassion and understanding that you have shown regarding our situation….many thanks again.

Jackson, just a note to say thanks. You’re the greatest.

I have had the pleasure of using Charles Ferguson and Jackson Bateman’s services and they went over and above their remit for me as my defence lawyers. I can honestly say that this criminal law firm is the best in the Lanarkshire area. I would trust them with any court proceedings that I would ever have in the future (sorry Charles Ferguson but I do hope I do not have to see you in a professional capacity ever again touch wood). The office staff are on the ball in all matters and will always deal you in a respectful manner and make sure that you are kept up to date with everything. I would recommend Charles Ferguson highly and cannot thank him and his staff enough.

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