Charles Ferguson Solicitor Advocate

Charles Ferguson

Director, Solicitor Advocate

Practice Areas:
Serious Crimes
Road Traffic Law
Expert Services
Drugs Offences
Domestic Violence


Charles Ferguson is our company director and head of the legal team. A Dundee University graduate who has always maintained a keen interest in Criminal Defence work from the outset of his career. Before establishing Charles Ferguson Solicitors, Charles was trained at the well known and respected firm of Ross Harper. A Solicitor-Advocate, who is an expert in Criminal Defence Representation in the Sheriff, JP and High Courts throughout Scotland with over 25 years experience as a defence lawyer.

He has been a Solicitor Advocate since 1995 and is NITA Trained and Certified. Charles is well known and renowned for his consistently direct, honest, solution driven and professional manner toward his clients, the court and other professionals.

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