Some Questions Answered

If the police or fiscals issue you with a ticket or warning letter, contact us immediately time limits can apply to challenges these tickets or warnings.

No - contact us today to discuss again we are very successful in having cases dropped due to technicalities that can only be raised and challenged at the start of the process, pleading not guilty can stop these challenged. Contact us today to discuss.

If you receive a citation it means you have been summoned to court contact us immediately so that we can discuss with you the next steps, don't ignore the citation. In road traffic cases it is important that you do not simply plead not guilty as we are very successful at having cases dropped due to technicalities at this stage.

An arranged attendance is a court date given to you by the PF if you failed to attend at court previously it is an alternative to them sending the police to arrest you.

If you have given a statement to the police about a criminal matter it is likely that you will be cited to attend court as a witness. If you are cited as a witness or wish to discuss your statement contact us for a free consultation.

If you find out that the police want to interview you contact us immediately on our 24/7 helpline, we are here to help, you are entitled to free legal representation before, during and immediately after the interview. You are entitled to answer "No Comment" to almost every question asked, we advise our clients to do this to preserve their position. If you are unable to speak to us prior to being detained ask for us at the police station and we will attend and represent you robustly.

Often people find out that the police have a search warrant to search their house after they come back to find their locks change and the house searched! The police after searching a house normally leave a calling card to discuss and to arrange an interview. Contact us and we will be able to arrange an interview time that suits you, if an interview is necessary and we will be able to find out information about the case.

If you think you have a warrant out for you, contact us immediately, we will be able to do a warrant check, we will be able to help and ask for an arranged attendance to stop you from being arrested.

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