Family Law

We specialise in Child Contact, Custody, Access cases, Domestic Abuse, Children’s Hearings and other contentious family law matters.

We are a specialist law firm dealing in court representation. We represent clients where they are being prosecuted by the state or are denied their rights as parents and, as such, the majority of our clients are male. We have no gender bias, and are delighted to represent clients who are in trouble or denied their rights as parents regardless of gender. We do not prosecute people. We do not represent parents who intend to deny another parent their rights. We do not deal with financial claims on divorce. We have chosen to specialise in a clearly defined field in order that we can provide the best representation in the field.

As family law solicitors, we offer tailored and personalised legal advice for all our clients, both private paying and assisted, by providing clear, honest and professional advise on all aspects of family law.

Whilst we have offices in Hamilton, East Kilbride and Motherwell in Lanarkshire we have no difficulty representing our clients in Glasgow courts or at any other court in Scotland where our client’s case is being heard. We specialise in Child Contact – Custody – Access cases and disputes, Domestic Abuse, Children’s Hearings and other contentious family law matters.

By utilising our extensive experience and knowledge drawn from our experiences working daily within the Court system we offer practical, professional, efficient and cost effective solutions to any family law issues our clients face.

Contact our office today on 01698 285885 or call our solicitors directly 24 hours a day on 07892 716566 to organise a free confidential interview so that we can assist you with any Family Law difficulties you are facing.

Alternatively, visit our Ferguson Family Law website for more specific, detailed information.