Expert Services

We regularly instruct leading experts in medical and scientific areas so that the best results can be achieved in each case and for each client

At Charles Ferguson Solicitors, we regularly instruct leading experts in medical and scientific areas so that the best results can be achieved in each case and for each client.

On many occasions, new clients who are unsatisfied by the progress and results achieved by their previous lawyers come to us based on referrals from their friends, families and colleagues knowing that they will receive the most dedicated, committed and robust service and representation possible for their case.

We have instructed psychological and psychiatric reports for clients as we, and the clients, felt that there was “an underlying cause” or “that something wasn’t right” that lead to the client being taken to court. A number of our clients are young, inexperienced individuals, who for whatever reason have found they are under the courts scrutiny, or for whatever reason have begun a pattern of offending which seems out of character.

Our director is a parent himself and fully appreciates the stress and anxiety that parents and family members face when their loved ones are facing criminal proceedings including on many occasions either ridiculous, false or disproportionate allegations. Through the use of expert witnesses and other investigative techniques, available to Charles Ferguson Solicitors, many of which are covered by Legal Aid, and are therefore free for the client, the best results can be achieved for each client and their families; allowing for the client to get on with their lives.

Ultimately, through the instruction of the appropriate medical and scientific reports fantastic results are achieved for our clients. These results can include a significant reduction in any sentence e.g. without the appropriate report the client would have faced a significant jail sentence however assisted by the appropriate report our legal team persuaded the sheriff, the judge, to sentence the client to community service instead. On other occasions the preparation of the correct report has forced the Crown to reconsider the case and led to the case or charges being dropped completely against the client!

Finally, unlike other solicitors who no longer employ precognition officers, we have a dedicated precognition officer who we instruct to take statements in a variety of cases, especially in high profile and serious cases to assist in our full and robust case preparation. The taking of precognitions allows us to be as fully prepared as possible for whatever any witness may elect to say in court, especially important in jury & High Court cases.

Our precognition officer is a former policeman who knows exactly what questions to ask witnesses, including asking questions the original investigators failed, or may have chosen not to ask!  The experience and insight of our precognition officer allows us to collect and gather the best information possible for our client’s case, we feel this “unique” service assists in developing the most appropriate line of defence/s that can be employed in each case.