Domestic Violence

We are considerably experienced in defending domestic violence cases, and have had a great deal of success in this field.

An increasingly large number of cases at court involve people who have been charged with committing domestic violence or domestic abuse incidents within their own home. The majority of these people have had no court experience and they are complete strangers to the Court. These ‘domestic incidents’ are now being treated as extremely serious by the Courts.

It is important to remember at all times that an “accused person” is Innocent until found to be Guilty by a Court. We are here to ensure that this is always remembered and that your rights are protected and upheld.

We will always fight to ensure you receive a fair and just trial, we will at all times represent your interests. We will defend you to the best of our considerable ability established through dedication, knowledge, experience and hard work.

We are considerably experienced in dealing with domestic violence cases, and have had a great deal of success in this field.

When appropriate we can write to the Procurator Fiscal on behalf of the victims explaining matters as they now see them in an effort to have the matter dealt with by being taken out of Court by means of one of the diversionary measures available.

If this is unsuccessful and the client insists that they did not commit this domestic offence then we will not hesitate in robustly defending our clients in court from exaggeration and lies.

Alternatively, if the client accepts that they have committed the domestic offence then we can put forward their explanation and the positive factors in the relationship and our clients life to convince the courts to deal with the matter leniently. This is an area of domestic violence cases where we have 100% satisfaction.

If you have been charged with a domestic violence offence and need a defence lawyer, contact our team of Solicitorsdirectly or call our office on 01698 285885 to organise an appointment with one of our Solicitors.